Garbage Disposals and Noise

The noise that your kitchen appliances cause can really make you feel mad. Instead of silent and pleasant work, you may hear loud and annoying sounds while cooking or having dinner. So, if you want to purchase a garbage disposal, you should seriously consider the noise it can make (and why).

Probably, you have bumped into this article because you can’t stand the noise your garbage disposal makes at the moment. Here in this article you will be able to understand what the source of that annoying sound is and how to eliminate it.

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Firstly, the reason why you have to put your TV volume up is because your current garbage disposal is too old. Maybe, you can’t see any obvious damage, but inside parts are old. However, there are some other reasons why the appliance makes the noise. Look for them below:

  • Sometimes you can confuse the noise that is coming from the sink with the garbage disposal. The vibration that is created while the garbage disposal works can be transmitted to the sink or countertop.

If you looked through reviews of garbage disposals, you had probably seen that some models cost very little while some are really expensive. What is the difference? All appliances do the same job – grind your food waste, however, some manufacturers use the noise reducing technologies and some don’t. So, if you get a budget garbage disposal without a noise reducing feature, you need to pay attention to its mounting.

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How does the noise reduction technology work?

Garbage disposal mounting and insulation process is very important for its future exploitation.  If you decide to get an expensive model of the disposer, it will probably have additional insulation around the parts. Also, your model of the disposer may have anti-vibration mounts that will prevent the noise when the appliance is on.

Here on this site you will be able to look through some very good garbage disposal models that have excellent noise reduction for quiet work.